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Weight loss & Wellness

Our professional staff can help you do more than just lose weight, we will help you change your relationship with your body. If you are looking for a professional to help you lose weight and achieve a healthier you, we are here to help.

Medical Weight Loss

We provide medical weight loss services tailored to the individual patient. Being overweight or obese are oversimplified in society today, and that makes it difficult to achieve lasting results. At Diore, we look for the underlying issues that affect weight management and provide effective strategies that target your individual genetic and environmental obstacles to help you achieve your ideal weight.

Hydra Therapy

Water therapy has been in use for centuries, since the ancient Romans and Greeks used it as part of traditional medicine. Today, Diore brings you sophisticated hydra therapies that use water of varying temperatures both to provide relief for physical discomfort caused by injuries or disease and to help restore overall wellbeing.

Hormone Replacement

Researchers indicate that hormone replacement can assist with menopause-related bodily changes that can hamper restful sleep and make it difficult to manage your weight. 


Slimming injectables from Diore offer you a revolutionary solution to fat and weight loss. Our all-natural slimming injections break down fat and leave you feeling more energized to help you burn adipose fat and achieve your slimming objectives. 


Peptides are naturally occurring amino acids and are essential to safe and effective weight loss. At Diore, we offer a variety of peptide therapies to help increase fatty acid oxidation to help you burn fat, build muscle, and enhance your current diet and fitness efforts.

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